Board of Trustees

Abney Park Trust's Directors have a legal responsibility to ensure good governance of the Trust.

Chair: Shelagh Taylor
Deputy Chair: Cll Sophie Cameron
Treasurer: Alison Bean
Secretary: Penny Taylor
Lou Boyd, Roger Chapman, Peter Cummings, Paul Ely, Cll Susan Fajana Thomas, Aroa Fernandez Alvarez, Irena Goldwag, Elsie Josland, Rafa Salti, Eva Sharpe, Holly Spice, and Tom Walker

There are many ways you can have closer links to Abney Park and the Trust. Please get in touch if you are interested in helping in any way.

User Group

A group of Abney's users has recently got together to form the Abney Park Users Group. This will be a forum for the park's users to discuss issues and collectively communicate with the Abney Park Trust and the site's owner and manager, the London Borough of Hackney. It will also contribute to activities and events and anything else they think of. All users are 'members' of the group and all are welcome at their meetings.

Email: or see
for more information.


Abney Park Trust has 'Friends' all over the world, from former local residents and relatives of people laid to rest at Abney to local history enthusiasts or people who just want to support this beautiful, valuable place that needs a lot of care, support and protection.

For more information on how to become a Friend and show your support for Abney Park email: