Carrying our grave searches


We recommend searching for graves in autumn or winter when headstones are more visible. Please make an appointment before coming to Abney to search for a grave.

Appointment days are usually Wednesdays between 10am - 3pm, and Saturdays between 12 - 3pm.

If you turn up at Abney Park without an appointment, unfortunately we may not be able to help you. Depending on the location, a grave search can be time consuming and our staff are not always able to interrupt their work.

Contact us to find out whether the person you are looking for is buried at Abney and we can search our internal database.

As a charity we do ask for a £25 fee for a single grave search to help cover our costs (printing, staff time etc), and to maintain this service. The fee does reduce for more than one search.

Even with a plot number, graves can be very difficult to find. The ground around the graves is often uneven and overgrown so can be unsafe, with low visibility. Because of this we recommend that you are accompanied by someone from the Abney Park Trust team when looking for a grave.

As well as being a memorial park, Abney Park is also a nature reserve and an important site for biodiversity. Should you decide to explore without our help, we ask you to be mindful of this and take care not to damage the memorials or disturb the vegetation more than necessary.

Contact the Abney Park Trust by email: or phone: 020 7275 7557 to make an appointment.