Abney's tens of thousands of memorials enchant and entrance. In varying states of repair, they can be seen as sad or romantic, mysterious or moving. They range from grand towering plinths topped with stark columns to the humble knee-high stones of common graves.

Take a walk around the cemetery, and gaze upon the inscriptions, from the positive celebratory declarations of the salvationists to the heartrending laments of parents who've lost children. There are tales of tragedies at sea and the victims of crime, accident and war.

The Trust has been working to uncover, record and restore monuments since it was formed - but it is a mammoth task. If you would like to volunteer your help with grave searches, mapping, transcriptions, photography, etc, please contact the Trust.

If you want information on installing a new monument go here.

If you want information on Abney's grave maintenance service, click here.

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Times may vary so
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