Creating new memorials


The Abney Park Trust works to ensure that the historic woodland nature reserve and memorial park has a continuing memorial function. New memorial applications are initially overseen by Hackney Council. If you would like a small memorial or plaque please discuss your needs with them, since you will need a permit or letter of approval. All applications are considered on a case by case basis. The Council will not usually permit crosses or other memorials in the site linked to the scattering of ashes, these would only usually be permitted when associated with a burial.

Please email

The Council can usually approve the following types:

  • a memorial tree with a simple plaque in wood or metal

  • a small wooden cross with carved lettering/motif or with a simple metal plaque

  • a small memorial plaque inset into a bench

  • please note that legal ownership of a private grave must be proven before works can be approved

    Hackney Council are not currently honouring memorial bench requests in Abney Park, as the site is due to have significant improvement work as part of a Heritage Funded project, and benches will be upgraded as part of this programme.
    For further information please read the information at