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Abney Unearthed, the HLF and Hackney Council funded mapping project, is making great progress. We have completed section A1 and A2 is almost complete. Over 1700 headstones have been checked and mapped, with over 1700 pieces of information being added to the new database.

Volunteers are working on site with a combination of new pdf maps and the original Victorian maps. These are cross referenced, with the plot numbers and the correct position then filled in on a blank grid map. The headstone details are checked against the burial information on the existing database, and any missing information is added.

A headstone code has been also created. The volunteers are also recording the type of headstone for each plot, along with the composition stone used and the condition. If there is no gravestone a ‘space’ is marked. This extra information will be extremely helpful for future grave searches. It will also give Abney Park Trust information about the number of headstones on site.

Abney Unearthed volunteers are also paying particular attention to the common graves. Sadly, these are often not on the plot maps, and without searching we have no idea who has a headstone in any particular plot. At each common grave a record is also made of each headstone found. Again, this extra information will be extremely useful for future grave searches, and also for Abney Park Trust to be able to give more immediate information to those searching for family members.

Volunteer sessions are every Tuesday from 10 - 2 pm.
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