Spring News

The bulbs planted included native bluebells, snakes-head fritillaries, snowdrops, wood anemone, wild tulips, and cyclamem.

This May will see work to prolong the life of old trees. Part of Abney’s uniqueness is due to the fact
that, where possible, trees are allowed to grow old and die slowly. As trees get oldthey become increasingly
important habitats for all kinds of insects and animals.

Moreover, if trees are allowed to remain standing once they have reached the end of their lives, they are classified as ‘standing dead wood’ which is also an excellent habitat for biodiversity. In order to prolong the lives of the trees in Abney we undertake works that include pruning and pollarding.

We will also see the resumption of the insect surveying work that started last year. You may notice some strange contraptions hanging in trees around the site. these are being used by a project called ‘Rethinking Urban Nature’ to survey the insects that live here. The results from last year’s survey have told us that Abney is hugely significant for insects, especially those living in dead wood.


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